Equal Opportunity

We advocate for people who want to excel in life but suffer unfair disadvantages because of their ethnicity, gender, citizenship, or other personal traits and circumstances. Every individual should have an equal opportunity to learn, work, and earn success in his or her chosen path.

We use our influence to shape public policy that removes barriers to equal opportunity and provides every possibility for all people to become prosperous and self-reliant.


Not Native Enough

Not Native Enough

About 27 percent of Utah’s American Indian students are chronically absent from school — higher than any other racial group in Utah and higher than the national average of 21 percent for American...

Understanding the Gender Wage Gap

Understanding the Gender Wage Gap

Women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. That’s an accurate statistic, but it doesn’t capture the complexity of the wage gap. It doesn’t, for example, reveal that the wage gap changes over...

About Transcend Together

We are advocates for those who are poor and disadvantaged. We seek to lift every person in need to self-reliance and prosperity through public policy that affirms their human dignity. We work with all people of good will who share our vision. 

We invite you to join us. . . .


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