No, the ‘Real Gender Wage Gap’ isn’t 51 Percent

Dec 8, 2018Research, Women

For decades, the term “gender wage gap” has referred to the difference in median earnings between full-time working women and full-time working men. Unfortunately, the term is becoming confused again, thanks to a headline-making report released by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. The study claims that the wage gap has been woefully understated, and that in reality women “earn just 49 cents to the typical men’s dollar, much less than the 80 cents usually reported.

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Conservatives are Wrong to Dismiss Feminism

Conservatives are Wrong to Dismiss Feminism

In the six months since the #MeToo movement began, conservatives have, at times rightly, questioned or criticized some aspects of it. But too often they have wrongly downplayed, ignored, or completely dismissed the impetus of the movement. Those on the right should...

Best Practices Guide for Closing the Gender Wage Gap

Best Practices Guide for Closing the Gender Wage Gap

The Salt Lake Chamber and its affiliated Women’s Leadership Institute urges all businesses to review the contents of this document, identify what specific actions they can take to close the gender wage gap and adopt policies to create a more fair and equitable pay...

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