Lift Others, Better Ourselves

We are conservative advocates for those who are poor and disadvantaged.

We care deeply about lifting every person in need.  

We are also concerned about the political and social divides that grip our communities and nation. 

We believe that by uniting with all people of good will to lift our neighbors in need, not only will we help those who are poor and disadvantaged transcend poverty, but we will also transcend the harmful divides that exist today.

In other words, working together, regardless of our political affiliation, to give the most vulnerable, disenfranchised members of society opportunities to flourish will also rescue our society and politics. 

 Working together to help the most vulnerable members of society is a responsibility we must fulfill, and we must not let political lines keep us from doing it.

, and we should reach across political lines as needed to do it. 

We invite you to join us. 

Our Mission

Lift every person in need to prosperity through sound public policy that allows for every opportunity to gain freedom through self-reliance and the dignity of earned success.

Transcend Together is a nonpartisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to educate and influence decision makers 

educate policymakers and other people of good will and unite with them to influence our laws and public discourse in a way that lifts all people to self-reliance and prosperity.

Principles & Values

  • Love & Respect: Have compassion for our neighbors in need and recognize their human dignity and potential for growth by seeing them as we see ourselves
  • Constructive Dialogue: Invite all people of good will to join our cause, regardless of political beliefs or affiliation
  • Advocacy: Stand up for our most vulnerable members of society by creating a culture of earned success and a commitment to equal opportunity and fairness for all
  • Sound Policy: Base our initiatives on reliable research, evidence-based strategies, and our other principles
  • Conservative Voice: Stand as a voice of reason and prudence that prevents our political ship from veering to any extremes

Our Perspective

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