Lift Others, Better Ourselves

We are conservative advocates for those who are poor and disadvantaged.

We care deeply about lifting every person in need.  We are also concerned about the political and social divides that grip our communities and nation. 

By joining with all people of good will to lift our neighbors in need, not only will we help those who are poor and disadvantaged rise above poverty, but we will also transcend the harmful divides that exist today.

Working together, regardless of political affiliation, to help the most vulnerable members of society will unite, strengthen, and uplift everyone. 

We invite you to join us. 

Our Mission

Lift every person in need to prosperity and self-reliance through sound public policy that affirms each person’s human dignity and allows for every opportunity to flourish.

Transcend Together (formerly known as Next Generation Freedom Fund) is a nonpartisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating decision makers and influencing public discourse in a way that enables every person in need to rise above poverty and become prosperous and self-reliant.

Values & Principles

Love & Respect:  Show compassion for our neighbors in need and see them as we see ourselves by recognizing their human dignity and potential for growth

Advocacy:  Stand up for our most vulnerable members of society by creating a culture of earned success and being committed to equal opportunity and fairness for all

Constructive Dialogue:  Invite all people of good will to join our cause, regardless of political persuasion or affiliation

Sound Policy:  Base our initiatives on accurate data, reliable research, and evidence-based strategies

Conservative Voice:  Stand as a voice of reason and prudence that prevents our political ship from veering to any extremes

Learn more about our mission, vision, and values by reading the following commentary from Transcend Together’s founder Paul Mero:

Our Perspective

Support for Utah Bill HB 68: Full Disclosure for Tenants

Support for Utah Bill HB 68: Full Disclosure for Tenants

Utah bill HB 68 (Rental Expenses Disclosure Requirements) would make the rental process for tenants more fair and transparent by requiring landlords to disclose specific information before a potential renter pays any application fee. Specifically, landlords would need...

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