Economic Mobility

We advocate for workers who are trying to improve their circumstances but face needless barriers to growth and lack opportunity. Every person should have the ability to improve his or her economic situation by gaining the education, work experience, and skills needed to earn a better living. We seek especially to lift those living in intergenerational poverty.

We craft public policy solutions that maximize opportunities to move upward and that remove systemic barriers to economic mobility so everyone has opportunities to earn success and enjoy self-reliance.

Not Native Enough

Not Native Enough

About 27 percent of Utah’s American Indian students are chronically absent from school — higher than any other racial group in Utah and higher than the national average of 21 percent for American...

Where’s the Parent Outrage over Education?

Where’s the Parent Outrage over Education?

What makes the matter so outrageous is that the governor, legislators and business leaders keep spending more money, and they ignore the most serious problem affecting public education — its...

About Transcend Together

We are advocates for those who are poor and disadvantaged. We seek to lift every person in need to self-reliance and prosperity through public policy that affirms their human dignity. We work with all people of good will who share our vision. 

We invite you to join us. . . .


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