Support for AJR1: Removing Demeaning Labels from NV Constitution

Feb 12, 2021Testimony, People with Disabilities

We support Nevada resolution AJR1, which would change language in the Nevada Constitution from “the Insane, Blind and Deaf and Dumb” to “persons with a significant mental illness, persons who are blind or visually impaired or persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.”

Here is a statement we provided to the Assembly Health and Human Services Committee:

My name is Matthew Piccolo. I represent Transcend Together, a non-profit organization. We are conservative advocates for those who are poor and disadvantaged. We intentionally say “those who are poor and disadvantaged” rather than “the poor and disadvantaged” because labels matter.

We support A.J.R. 1 because it would remove from the Nevada Constitution demeaning labels it now applies to some of our most vulnerable citizens. We should not define people with disabilities by their disabilities because they are so much more. We are all people with a common core of humanity, people with equal intrinsic worth, whether or not we suffer from mental or physical limitations, and no matter our gender, race, religion, weight, occupation, or political affiliation.

Referring to people as people, rather than labeling them as something else, recognizes their human dignity and great worth. This Resolution is one small—but important—step in the right direction. We ask you to support it.

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