Support for NV Bill AB219: Sealing Criminal Records When Charges Have Been Dismissed

Mar 16, 2021Testimony, Former Prisoners

We support Nevada bill AB219, which would allow courts to automatically seal the record of a person when a prosecutor chooses not to move forward or the charges are dropped. It would also allow for the sealing of records after a person is pardoned. Here is our statement:

We support AB219 because it would increase the chances that a person recently accused of a crime, or pardoned after a conviction, would be able to be self-reliant. People who have been convicted of a crime in Nevada face as many as 784 collateral consequences. These barriers prevent many people from gaining employment, finding suitable housing, receiving government benefits, and more.

The portion of the bill allowing a court to seal records when prosecution is declined or when the charges are dismissed is particularly important. I have clients whose employment prospects have essentially been destroyed because of false criminal charges made against them by prior employers or co-workers. Often, the victims of these false charges have no financial means for hiring an attorney to get the charges and court records sealed. This bill would help streamline the process for them, allowing them to move forward with obtaining new employment and being able to provide for themselves and their families.

Matthew Piccolo, President/CEO, Transcend Together

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