Lift Others, Better Ourselves

Who We Are

Conservative Advocates for Those Who Are Poor and Disadvantaged

Our Cause

Lift Every Person in Need to Prosperity and Self-reliance

Policy Areas

Every family should have stability with its basic needs and have access to an effective safety net when unexpected setbacks occur.

Family Stability

Every person should have opportunity to gain the education, work experience, and skills needed to rise above poverty.

Economic Mobility

Every person should have equal opportunity to learn, work, and earn success without being unfairly disadvantaged. 

Equal Opportunity

We should recognize the human dignity of every person and see our neighbors in need as we see ourselves.

Human Dignity



Transcend Together

We are advocates for those who are poor and disadvantaged. We seek to lift every person in need to self-reliance and prosperity through public policy that affirms their human dignity. We work with all people of good will who share our vision. 

We invite you to join us. . . .

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