Romney’s Faith Should Move Him to a Humane Immigration Policy

Apr 10, 2019Op-ed, Immigrants & Refugees, Human Dignity

CEO Paul Mero recently wrote an op-ed for the Salt Lake Tribune urging Senator Mitt Romney to use a human approach in addressing immigrants on the southern border of the United States.

Here is an excerpt:

Sound immigration policy comes in three steps: 1) settle on our commensurate values toward immigration, as Utah did with the Compact, 2) apply those values in reforming immigration laws, again as Utah has, and 3) once those tasks are accomplished, then do the work of nurturing, carrying and liberating the captive in our Western Hemisphere.

The problem of illegal immigration cannot be solved at our southern border. It’s too late by then. The big immigration work needs to be done in the countries of origin. There are many useful carrots and sticks available within American foreign affairs. Romney and the rest of our Utah federal delegation should focus on this task with those tools.

Read the full op-ed here.

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