Utah Ranks 6th on the U.S. Prosperity Index, Nevada 46th

Aug 15, 2020Research, Family Stability, Economic Mobility

The Legatum Institute based in London has published state rankings as part of its United States Prosperity Index 2020. The Index uses 200 indicators in 11 categories to measure prosperity among the states. Utah ranks well in overall prosperity at number 6, whereas Nevada falters at number 46.

Of the 11 categories, Utah ranks highest in social capital (#1) which measures personal and family relationships, social networks, institutional trust, and civic and social participation. It also ranks fourth in inclusive societies and sixth in personal freedom. Utah’s lowest ranking is in market access and infrastructure (#33), which measures communications, resources, and transport. Other areas of potential improvement include governance (#25) and natural environment (#23).

Nevada, contrast, has much room for improvement in nearly every category. Its highest ranking is in natural environment (#11), but it ranks in the bottom three in five categories: inclusive societies (#51), safety and security (#50), social capital (#51), business environment (#49), and education (#50). Not scoring well in these areas certainly makes it more difficult for Nevadans to have family stability and economic mobility.

You can review the full set of rankings here.

Although rankings like these are not necessarily fully reflective of a state’s successes and challenges, they do point to some potential areas of focus for improvement which could help give more people opportunities to become more prosperous and pursue greater happiness.

Image: courtesy of the Legatum Institute under this license

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