New Research Pinpoints Lives and Circumstances of IGP Children and Families

Nov 30, 2018Research, Intergenerational Poverty

A new report sheds interesting light on children in intergenerational poverty and their families.

Here are the key findings:

  • Most IGP Parents and Teens see nothing wrong with their current situation and IGP Teens actually rate their lives better than the average American Teen showing the impact of establishing a baseline with children and teens.
  • Teenage years can be isolating regardless of socioeconomic status but a push must be made to encourage IGP Teens to gain a wider worldview.
  • Self-Sufficiency from government is not highly valued.
  • Mentors are seen as important, yet many parents don’t believe their Teens have mentors.

You can read the full report here.

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Intergenerational Poverty in Utah, 2018

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