Conservatives Must Lead the Fight for Welfare Reform

Jun 25, 2016Op-ed, Intergenerational Poverty, Human Dignity

Paul Mero, president and CEO of Next Generation Freedom Fund, wrote an op-ed in the Deseret News explaining that trusted conservatives in Utah need to seek to influence debate in providing a new vision and approach to welfare reform.

Specifically, we need to focus on children in addressing intergenerational poverty and shift our poverty paradigm in how we view those who are poor. He writes:

We need to begin to see poverty from a place of human dignity, not mere economics. When we look into the eyes of our struggling neighbors we need to see ourselves. Instead of seeing the poor in isolation, as an independent problem in need of an impersonal solution, we need to see the poor as an extension of our own human experience. We need to dump the idea of wealth and poverty as eternal adversaries and embrace the complementarity, interconnectedness and interdependence between the two.

To read the full op-ed, go here.

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