Five Steps to Build a Transcendant Political Culture in Utah

Apr 29, 2018Op-ed, Human Dignity

President and CEO Paul Mero recently published an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune providing some basic steps for creating a transcendant political culture in Utah. Here are some excerpts:

First, we need to see people as people. Yes, even the worst of them. As long as we see people as objects — to fight against, control, run over, end around, etc. — we fail to see them as equals. . . .

Second, we need to forgive one another. How many long-standing friendships have dissolved over money, power and ego? How many constructive community alliances could be achieved if we simply set aside personal insult or offense. . . .

Third, the common good is always more important than any special interest. Far beyond culture wars, the quest for money has destroyed more relationships, created worse public policies, and damaged the public trust more than any other politically destabilizing factor. . . .

Fourth, a healthy society requires that we consistently strive to be our better selves. It means practicing kindness, virtue, charity, patience and persuasion in our board rooms, back rooms and legislative bodies. It means cutting people some slack when they let us down. Being our better selves can overcome nearly any disagreement or contention.

Lastly, to achieve a transcendent political culture in Utah, we must focus on becoming one. Transcendence requires redemption. Something we do as citizens must save us to unite us. . . .

One struggle is always with us: our neighbors in need. Helping our poor and needy neighbors is a redemptive act – for us personally and for society.

Read the full op-ed here.

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