Utah Legislature tries to address struggling schools

Aug 18, 2016Report, Education

The School Turnaround and Leadership Development Act (and amended) came as follow-up legislation to the school grading system, which lawmakers enacted several years ago as a way to easily identify excelling and failing schools by giving them a letter grade, such as an A, an F or somewhere in between. Schools that score in the lowest 3 percent on the grading system will be required to take rigorous steps to improve their performance, including hiring outside leadership consultants, reporting to the State School Board the causes of their academic shortfall, and creating plans to address the problems.

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Utah Is One of the Happiest States in the Nation

Utah Is One of the Happiest States in the Nation

WalletHub’s analysts considered income, physical health, personal purpose, and social connectivity to determine which states are home to the happiest Americans. In order to do so, it compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 28 key metrics, ranging...

Intergenerational Poverty in Utah, 2018

Intergenerational Poverty in Utah, 2018

Over the past six years, Utah has made progress addressing intergenerational poverty. The progress is not being made through the establishment of new government programs or significant increases in financial resources. Rather, it has been through the slow development...

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