NGFF Changes Its Name to Transcend Together and Has New Leadership

Aug 20, 2020Press Release

SALT LAKE CITY — Next Generation Freedom Fund (“NGFF”), a non-profit dedicated to lifting every person who is poor and disadvantaged, has changed its name to Transcend Together. The new name reinforces the focus of the organization’s mission to unite with all people of good will to help our neighbors in need rise above poverty, which, in turn, will help us transcend our political differences.

Along with this refreshed branding, Paul T. Mero is stepping down as NGFF’s president and CEO. Mero’s successor is Matthew C. Piccolo, an attorney and long-time advocate in the conservative movement. Mero, who founded NGFF and will remain on its board of directors and serve as its chair, said:

Matthew Piccolo is well-equipped to advance this organization’s mission and expand its influence. He is experienced and bright and has a persistent drive to succeed. Most of all, he truly cares about the poor and needy and will do whatever he can to help improve their lives.

Piccolo has worked as an advocate in law and public policy since 2005. As an attorney, he represents people who need help enforcing their rights in employment and their civil and constitutional rights. He has served in various roles at conservative public policy organizations in four different states. Piccolo’s education has prepared him well to lead Transcend Together, with degrees in business management, public policy, and law. Piccolo said:

I’m ecstatic and grateful to have the opportunity to join with Transcend Together and its supporters to lift those who most need our help. Paul Mero is a soldier in the conservative movement, and I look forward to serving with him. I was drawn to this organization because of its recognition that every person has great worth, no matter their current circumstances. We should give all people every possible opportunity to succeed.

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