Matthew C. Piccolo

President and CEO, Transcend Together

Mr. Piccolo has worked as an advocate in law and public policy since 2005. As an attorney, he represents people who need help enforcing their rights in employment and their civil and constitutional rights.

Before starting his own law practice, Piccolo served as a judicial law clerk for a federal judge in Reno, Nevada and as an extern for a federal judge on the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of appeals. Before law school, he served in various roles at conservative public policy organizations in Utah, Washington, D.C., California, and Arizona.

Piccolo has earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Finance (Brigham Young University), a master of public policy degree (Pepperdine University), and a law degree (Michigan State University).

About Us

We are advocates for those who are poor and disadvantaged. Our mission is to lift every person in need to prosperity and self-reliance through sound public policy that affirms each person’s human dignity and allows for every opportunity to flourish. We work with all people of good will who share our vision.

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